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- 28/02/12 - +2 new t-shirt in Works.

- 22/01/12 - On sale ONLY FOR TODAY on 'Bad Things', the t-shirt with my design inspired by True Blood! Truebies, don't miss it!

- 20/12/11 - Wunderland Graphix present a new version, both as graphic and contents! To celebrate the new year don't miss Wunderland 2012 calendar!

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Version 6.0 / Credits

Version 6.0 of Wunderland Graphix has revolutionized the graphics (inspired by the 5.0 but more sober and professional), but above all the contents, presenting a selection of works.

- Illustrations, html and design Paola Francia, 2011
Please do not use the material of this site without asking for permission.

- font: Hardcore Pen and Complete in Him.

Since March 01, 2009 I received visits. Thank you!

You're down into Rabbit's hole!
Welcome to Wundeland Graphix, my portfolio. I'm Paola, and on this site I have collected some of my most significant work, including advertising materials, web graphics, drawings, illustrations and photographs.
For any information please contact me.

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