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My name's Paola Francia and I was born in Pavia on 25 June 1986.
In 2000 I enrolled to I.P.S. Services for Commercial and Advertising Caterina da Siena, in Milan. Here I graduated in 2005, whit the status of Technical Graphics Advertising.
In the same year I enrolled in the postgraduate diploma course by institute Arte & Messaggio, again in Milan, where in 2007 I've obtained the Certificate of Professional Qualification Graph Assistant.
During studies I had the possibility to work in two stages outside the school, comparing well with the new working methods and the possibility of deepening techniques learned at school, with Flash, Freehand and QuarkXpress.
I also self-learn Adobe programs, used in my spare time, thanks to my passion for drawing.
I have developed excellent techniques with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and ImageReady, plus a good capacity for developing html and flash with DreamWeaver and Flash (my first attempts with web-pages was at 16 years old).
I've also discrete skills in the field of the traditional design, good use of pastels and ink, and especially pantone, often used for advertising layouts and storyboards. In my spare time I'm devoted mostly to comics, incorporating the sketches by hand with programs like Photoshop and Illustrator.


A short biography to know me better.
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- download here my curriculum

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